Technical Director and Visual FX Artist for a range of commercials at Mike Reed Post Production, Melbourne. Roles ranged from basic brand concept to end-to-end 3D and compositing pipelines. I have also worked at Nextgen Reality, Nextgen Studios, Photon VFX, as well as quite a lot of subcontracting.

Clients include Nissan, Amnesty International, Ford, Holden, Mazda, Australia Defence Force, Mars, Dove, Rexona, Myer, McCain’s and many more.

Shots from the Fuse showreel, the McCain's Potato Popcorn commercial, and some additional commercial work.

Amnesty International Shots

Nissan's Big One Sale, Breast Cancer Research & McCain's Potato Popcorn Ads

Australia Post & Futurama Parody 'Blade Bender'

Future of Video Games work by Jamie T. Bentley & Other Shots

Some hobby work done when I was a teenager :)

Nissan Commercial, McClaren F1 & Canon Signs Pokie Machine Work

Additional Technical Direciton work by Jamie T. Bentley

Shots from Mazda BT-50 Ad

Myer, Jeep and Ford Commerial Shots



From 2015 I worked on tools to simplify traditional & digital film making, utilising networked mobile devices to track cameras in virtualised sets with AR camera solves, allowing rapid prototyping of shots inside Unity and adjusting lighting, lenses and depth of field. Motion data could be exported for use in any 3D package.

Independent Film

In 2012 I worked on a web series called The Silent City. I served as Visual FX Supervisor and handled some stablisation, rig removal, matte painting (destroyed cities, etc) and weapon effects. Along the way I worked with Director Rubidium Wu, who I was fortunate enough to work with in 2007 for Amnesty International.

Here’s the trailer! The entire series can be seen on their Youtube Channel.

Visual FX Supervisor Jamie T. Bentley on The Silent City

The opening shot for The Silent City