While Technical Director at The Binary Mill the focus was primarily on Unity 3D games.. I’ve worked on various titles including Gun Club 3Mini Motor Racing, Al Lowe’s Cyberjoke 3000 and Assault Squadron.

I’ve also completed titles for Good Blood and Playside Studios, such as the Spongebob – Sponge on the Run, Batman V Superman, Fishy Bits and Bouncy Bits, Lego Batman and more.

Brawlerz Nitro (In Development)

Brawlerz Nitro is an in development multiplayer car combat game. Featuring upgradable vehicles, weapons, rpg elements, team play and multiple customisation game modes, it’s all cross platform compatible across all mobile and desktop platforms.

The title was successfully Greenlit on Steam in January, 2015 and will be the debut title for both Bail Enemy Jet & Rum Theory studios.

Brawlerz Nitro, Bail Enemy Jet & Jamie T. Bentley

Spongebob – Sponge on the Run

Spongebob - Sponge on the Run App

Endless runner I worked on with Playside Studios, Melbourne. A movie tie-in game with multiple words, mini games, hundreds of lines of dialogue, dynamic music and a whole pile of goodies. As an avid Spongebob fan, it was a lot of fun working on this one.

Gun Club 3

Gun Club 3 Promo Art

Featuring an epic array of totally customisable weaponry, Gun Club 3 features multiple game modes, cross compatible play, leader boards, multiple ranges and more. Check out the trailer.

Mini Motor Racing

For Mini Motor Racing, I ranged from musician, audio engineer, designer, programmer, artist, pipeline and all things in between.

Mini Motor Racing Promo Art

Assault Squadron

Assault Squadron was a two year project to build an old-school shoot’em’up on the iPhone. We pushed to achieve 60 frames per second when everyone else was happy with 30.

I served as Technical Director for the art pipeline and the cinematics. It is still one of my favorite games in the genre.

Assault Squadron for iPhone


Programmer for the successfully kickstarted indie title. Featuring the music from the man Jak & Dexter and the Crash Bandicoot series, it’s an endless run’n’jump game as the lead characters (a collection of different ‘Totomes’) attempt to dodge and escape arrows.

Other Titles

I’ve also worked on a pile of other titles for The Binary Mill, including Apocalypse Zombie Fish, Gun Club 3D Products, Bloody Fun Day, and probably a few more that escape my memory.

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