Jamie T. Bentley, Visual FX Artist & Technical Director

Jamie T. Bentley
Technical Director

I am currently a Senior Programmer @ Playside Studios, Lecturer of Mobile Game Development for Charles Sturt University & Director of Bail! Enemy Jet!


As a child from the moment I laid my

Hilton Surfers Paradise Previs

Hilton Surfers Paradise Previs

hands on an Amiga 500 with a copy of Deluxe Paint IV, I knew I wanted to be a visual fx artist. After hours of trial and error button mashing (there was no internet back then, so there wasn’t much else to do), my first ever animation was finished. At 12 frames per second, was a stick man on a swing with a head that inexplicably fell off for no apparent reason.

Suddenly, I was an animator.

Mazda BT-50 Commerial

Mazda BT-50 Ad

Fast forward twenty years, and I had moved into Visual FX Supervision from 3D to Compositing pipelines, using 3D Max, Shake, Nuke, Maya, Photoshop, Boujou, Protools, Avid, Final Cut and all the tools in between. After returning from Melbourne, the global recession forced me to try my hand at using my skills elsewhere, so I moved into game development with the guys at The Binary Mill.

Previous Work & Clients

Amnesty International Ad

Amnesty International Ad

Now a Technical Director of both art and tech pipelines for both games and enterprise development, a full time programmer and just occasionally an audio engineer.

Batman v Superman (iOS & Google Play)Previous clients include Disney, Warner Brothers, Pixar, Myers, Holden, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Paramount Pictures, Australian Defense Force, Australia Post, Jeep, Hilton, Cadbury, Mars and many more.