Bad Bunny – In Time for Easter!

Bad BunnyAn endless runner designed for the old-school gamer in all of us, Bad Bunny is out just in time for Easter!

Featuring 10 levels of egg-throwin’ and a bonus ‘Insane’ level for those who enjoy punishment.

Soon to be released on the Apple Appstore, and Amazon.

Was fun working on a joint project, even under insane deadlines. It’s free so be sure to check it out on the Google Play store.

Bad Bunny (iOS and Android) Bad Bunny (iOS and Android) Bad bunny screenshot 

Off to a great start, Gun Club has surpassed 2,000,000 downloads on the Google Play store within it’s first three months on the store. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come!

Gun Club 3 Screenshot

Gun Club 3 features a huge amount of play modes, weapon customisation and player progression, and will have new content arriving constantly for the foreseeable future.

Gun Club 3 is available on Android and on the iTunes Appstore.

Gun Club 3 Screenshot


Mini Motor Racing EVO!

So after a few months, we’re about ready to launch Mini Motor Racing Evo for Steam!

We also managed to get permission to use Valve’s amazing Portal and Team Fortress 2 IP for some great new tracks.

Mini Motor Racing Evo - Portal 2 Track

Mini Motor Racing Evo – Portal 2 Track

Aside from a pile of Steam integration for multiplayer, Dan managed to build an entire level editor (basically by himself) in just a few short months, adding an utterly unlimited amount of gameplay variation.

MMR Evo - Team Fortress 2 Track

MMR Evo – Team Fortress 2 Track


Mini Motor Racing Best of 2012

I’ve now been working on Mini Motor Racing for over three and a half years! Thankfully, Apple appear to quite like us and we’ve been awarded #1 Casual Game in the Best of 2012 category!

We had a monster end to the year, finishing up the huge Christmas edition of MMR, getting in new tracks, car, music, sounds, optimisations, along with all the other projects we tend to work on day to day. Looking forward to working on the sequel :)

Last time we checked, we had over 6,000,000 happy players, I’m sure there will be substantially more after the Christmas break.

Around 2005, I made a hoax website claiming that there was going to be a fan made Futurama 3D film called Blade Bender. What really got the traffic (close to 100,000 unique visitors in its first two months) was that I filled it with renders of characters, which were all really rush jobs.

To continue, some friends and I wrote a script, which a lot of people seemed to quite enjoy. I just found this picture on my hard drive :)

Kang & Kodos (Blade Bender)

After finding the Zombie Fish poster, I dug around to see what other sort of old work I could find. I haven’t found everything I’ve ever done, by a long shot, but I’ve found enough to make a gallery page for it.

Check it out!