Lego Batman Movie Game

Another Batman-ish game I had the pleasure of working on. Kudos to the art team on this one, the amount of content in this one is amazing.

I’ve been busy working on other projects which I’m sure I’ll be able to share at some point, until then, go check this one out 🙂

Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman (iOS & Google Play)

An appBatman v Superman app screenshot from I worked on while at Playside Studios has been released, Batman v Superman. It’s an endless runner (quite similar to Spongbob – Sponge on the Run) where you can play as Batman or Superman. Visually it’s a huge step up from last years Spongebob, the art team nailed the look 🙂

As usual, here’s some links to the iOS Appstore and the Google Play store!

Pop Dash Worldwide Release

Pop Dash, a game I worked on in late 2014 has finally had it’s worldwide release! It’s an endless runner with a music theme, similar in style to the Spongebob game but with some gameplay variations like flying, multi platform, etc.


It’s a free download for iTunes with Google Play coming soon.

Fishy Bits Featured!

Fishy Bits for iOS Featured from

Fishy Bits, the absurdly difficult under-water fin-flappin’ game by Playside Studios, has just been featured worldwide by Apple’s Appstore.

It’s nice to think that we may be contributing to rising blood pressure in the United States and abroad.

If you’ve still not checked it out, give it a whirl here.

Fishy Bits hits the AppStore

Playside Studios and Jamie T Bentley Fishy Bits

A game I worked on with the Playside Studios team has just gone live on the Appstore! Continuing with the boxy/toony style from the first game, this one is entirely underwater, and has evolving characters.

Once again, it’s also insanely difficult. It’s free, so feel to check it out.


Totome iOS & Android Release Trailer

Totome has been released on mobile platforms and has a new release trailer! Check it out. This project was kickstarted, and is the most brutally difficult game ever devised by mankind. It’s harder than Bouncy Bits, which was already biblical in difficulty.

Check it out for iTunes and Google Play.

Bouncy Bits Hits 1,000,000

Bouncy Bits hits 1,000,000 users

In less than a month Bouncy Bits has jumped over the 1,000,000 user mark. There’s hopefully more updates and features to come, too.

Had a lot of fun working on this project with the guys at Playside Studios and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Spongebob – Sponge on the Run

Spongebob - Sponge on the Run iTunes and Google Play

Just finished up work on this snazzy little endless runner. It’s got hundreds of lines of dialogue, dynamic music and transitions, multiple worlds, costumes and a porous character who turns into what can only be described as Sponge-Hulk.

Appstore & Google Play.